What we’ve been working on

Believe me when I say we’ve really been putting some effort into OpenClonk. The work we’ve put into the game over the past month has really started to speed up, and we’ve already got some nifty objects the team has been working on. Since a picture can fulfill what words cannot, I’ll keep the pictures plenty and the words few.

Using the shovel

This time around, we’re taking full advantage of mouse control. This functionality has helped us develop new and interesting items, and drastically improve such objects from previous Clonk titles. Starting with some of the basics, how could we not have a shovel?

Shooting with the bow

Aiming the musket

With mouse control we need to have some weapons, of course! Here we have a Clonk testing his Bow. The bow may be a fairly old design, but Clonks can make excellent use of this versatile weapon in any terrain.

Another creation of ours is the Musket, pictured here. The musket is a fairly lethal weapon, and can be loaded with different types of shot for devastating effects. Though the musket may be fairly powerful, and more accurate than a bow, the musket requires a moment of time to load shot into the barrel.

Clonk riding a boompack

And here we are with an incredibly ludicrous, yet effective, tool: the Boompack. The boompack is basically a rocket, except Clonks have gotten it into their heads it would be a fantastic idea to ride it. And surprisingly, they were right! Any clonk foolhardy enough to ride one may tilt the boompack’s direction while flying to avoid mountain sides.

And here is a completely fresh idea for Clonk: the Magical Jar of Winds. The Wind Jar is a multi-purpose tool: it is able to propel enemies away from you, and possibly even incoming weapons hurled by the enemy. It can also be used to give friends an incredible boost to their jump to get to out-of-reach places. And lastly, when timed correctly it is possible to launch yourself great distances by funneling the wind behind you.

A tremendous jump using the wind jar

Here we have a Clonk doing what they are well known for: mining. However, the Clonk now has new tools at his disposal. By far the most effective is the Dynamite Box. Each stick of dynamite taken from the box will be interconnected by a fuse, which the Clonk may light with his ignition box, causing a mighty explosion.

Clonk mining gold with dynamite box

Lastly, here is a crew of Clonks defending their small settlement with a variety of weapons. As you can see, the clonk on the right side of the settlement is using a javelin. The Javelin can be thrown to deal large amounts of damage, but at distances it can be quite difficult for the javelin to find it’s mark. The Clonk seen in the middle of this picture is using a sword and shield, which are still in the process of development.

Clonks defending a settlement

Comprising this settlement is the Tools Workshop, where clonks shall create basic tools for production and combat. As one can clearly see, the second building is a windmill, used to generate power for a settlement.

  1. Newton says:

    Wow, megapost!

    Looking now at the screenshots and the detailed models, it is really hard to overlook the ugly blurred landscape. I fear the landscape will be a issue for some time longer. OpenClonk is made to look good at 3x zoom, showing screenshots of a higher zoom level is just a pain in my eye :-/

    Also, new for many people are how the tools are controlled, not that they are things like that. There was a shovel in Clonk Rage too, but the new shovel is much more powerful and easier to use. I am missing a bit the sparkling news about the control schemes in your blog post. I am sure that many people know what a bow is ;-P

  2. AlteredARMOR says:

    Nice post.
    It is good that now we can show the whole world (or at least the interested part of it) how the progress on the OpenClonk going.
    About control schemes Newton mentioned: I think we should not write such a “complicated” things in the blog (at least not know). Right now people do not want to hear long stories about controls improvements. They want screenshots, graphics, videos. They want too look and say “Wow!”
    And only after that the time comes for the appropriate suggestion: You wanna feel all our improvents on your own? GO GIVE IT A TRY!

    P.S. Please do not take anything written above serious.

  3. Ringwaul says:

    Yup, it seems I completely forgot about the double-handed mouse control scheme. D: Maybe someone shall write a short entry for that?

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