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Website additions

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The OpenClonk website has seen some growth lately. Since the game reached a … let’s boldly call it… “playable” state, we thought it is time to ease things for content developers and for people who just want to try out the current repository version of Clonk without going through the hassle of compiling the source by themselves.

Nightly builds

Click on Builds in the navigation to get to the nightly builds page. Every week, a new development snapshot (a build of the current OpenClonk game which runs out of the box, no installation required) will automatically be available. Additionally, every night a new engine will be compiled and uploaded there as a nightly build. The fame for this system goes to Clonk-Karl who previously posted something about how to cross-compile clonk (under linux for windows).

In case you rather want to compile Clonk yourself, have a look at the developers guide in the wiki. Actually it is quite easy to set up, especially because PeterW wrote a tutorial for that. Please be so kind to post bugs you find with the newest development snapshots into the bugtracker. Also, note that the development snapshots are just that and not much more, much of the game content is not written yet. But if you take a peek into our forum, you’ll see that it is bustling with activity and in fact, you are invited to join us. After all, this is what an open source project is about, no?


Also, B_E finished the masterserver for OpenClonk which keeps track of the games which are currently open or running. That means, you can directly test playing OpenClonk over internet (it works!) through the menu without having to join via direct IP.

No games on the masterserver ... yet


I uploaded an updated documentation for content development. This should help all content developers to develop for the future Clonk title (OpenClonk, that is). Also, Luchs is currently working on overhauling the docs, I hope I can report about that soon. The docs might still be outdated at some parts or not available in English language but this will hopefully change now that it is available for the public again. Please do not hesitate to report any errors, wrong stuff, errors in translation etc. in the bugtracker or, if you like, in the forum.