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Hello World

Posted in Development on January 26th, 2010 by Clonk-Karl – Be the first to comment

Zapper hasn’t yet, so let me inaugurate this blog. We, the OpenClonk team, continue the development of Clonk since matthes does no longer have time to steer the direction of the project. So since about 3/4 years many changes have already been implemented into the Clonk engine and much work has been performed overhauling the Game content. Since most graphics would have to be recreated due to the new Zoom functionality we took the opportunity and decided to redo the whole core objects pack, leading to a different GamePlay so that OpenClonk will not “just” be another iteration of the existing 2D titles but also be a bit different. Rest assured that the core principles such as controlling small human-like beings in hectic scenarios will stay, though :). For more information feel free to explore our Wiki and forums, which is also where most discussion takes place, along with #openclonk-dev on

On a technical note, and to show what I have been working on, let me show what changing a sign and renormalizing a vector can do:



The usual disclaimer for screenshots of software which is in heavy development applies of course: Everything is work in progress, so neither the clonk graphics nor the (pixelized) landscape graphics are final.