Right in the eye!

Perhaps you noticed that the pictures of your crew selection buttons in the upper left corner of the screen are now animated synchronously with the actual movement of the clonk you control. Ever tried to aim a javelin in such a way that the little clonk in the upper corner throws it right in your face?
It happens so fast that you can almost not see it, but here is a snapshot of the exact moment 🙂


Who knows what other miracles perspective rendering has in store for 2D Clonk?

  1. Ringwaul says:

    Oh my. Perhaps the Clonks shall not look directly towards the screen? 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    We can probably just define a Z near clip plane?

  3. Newton says:

    Why would we want to do that? Only if we saw that as a bug which obviously it isnt’t 😀

  4. AlteredARMOR says:

    Can they be rendered ortographically?

  5. Newton says:

    Of course they can. But it looks shitty. That’s why I am proposing already a long time to render everything else ingame with perspective rendering too.

    Plus, I didn’t post this as a bug but as an example to see the awesomeness of perspective rendering. Honestly, that one picture here is one frame, the spear flies through (or past) the camera in a matter of one tenth of a second. All it is, is a nice visual effect.

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