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New release ahead

Posted in Development on January 23rd, 2014 by Newton – Be the first to comment

Finally, it is time for a new major release! The new 4.0 milestone is scheduled to be released this Sunday.

Therefore, we will have public betatests with the release candidate on this Saturday 25th January, afternoon throughout the evening (UTC+1). We meet at the usual place: #openclonk on

The latest release candidate will be available on the development snapshots page. Please report any bugs or issues you may find back to the bugtracker.

The main new content we can present to you are new settlement challenges and scenarios in the new Missions folder. So of course you can play them through alone in single player, but it is oh so much more fun to join us on Saturday! Probably even some of the developers will be present.
If you want to announce that you are coming beforehand, you can do this here in the forum.

Unified login on

Posted in Announcements on November 11th, 2013 by Newton – Be the first to comment

So, are you one of those gifted people who can remember all your different registration details from the shareware Clonk community? You know, one login for the German Clonk Forum, one for the English one, one for the League, one for the Bugtracker, one for the CCAN, the Clonk Forge, the Clonk-Center, the Clonk Wiki, the the the… ??!

Well, possibly thousands of forgot-password-mails later, we put this madness to an end! 😉

From now on, you only need to register once in the forum and you will automatically have an account on everything OpenClonk related with the same login credentials. Currently this includes the bugtracker, the blog if you are a developer, the wiki and soon the upcoming league.

Also note that the website has been reworked: We got a new clearer navigation and header now, the download section and the development snapshots page have been redesigned.

OpenClonk 3.3 Update

Posted in Announcements on March 10th, 2013 by Newton – 9 Comments

We got a new stable version for OpenClonk 3. It is a pure bugfix release. Below are the fixes and changes relevant for players and creators.


OpenClonk 3.3 changes
 + map creator: don't crash when using a template within itself (#534)
 + Draw particles with subpixel precision
 + do not pass controls to disabled cursor anymore (i.e. via SetCrewEnabled)
 + Don't crash on Call()
 + Hold a reference to the temporary proplist used in case of script errors
 + update: Log an error message when extracting the update program fails
 + Make dedicated server compile with fmod
 + Script: continue in a do-while loop jumps to test instead of start of loop
 + Fix #including a definition that has local variables with proplists
 + gtk: Make the window fullscreen even when not changing the resolution
 + Fix missing mouse cursor in fullscreen without resolution change
 + Adapted stone door to open for all players if set team == 0
 + Fix walking animation with xdir=0 (#887)
 + Producers: consume required material (#885)
 + Win32: Mark OC "DPI aware" (#891)
 + Abort SimFlight if no more movement can occur (#914)
 + Fix incorrect reloading of animations (#837)
 + Fixed a typo in Tutorial01
 + Fix Call() in global context (required for ScheduleCall)
 + Attached objects with SolidMask (slave elevator case) can carry objects
 + Fix C4Command::Jump, i.e. jumping as part of pathfinder.
 + Fix snow melting in lava/durolava
 + fix material conversion on insertion into converting liquid
 + Fix SolidMasks not moving objects if the top left of the landscape was solid
 + fix typo in catapult script
 + Cleanup main texture map. Remove unused and duplicate entries. Added Earth-earth.
 + Fix crash when INT_MIN/-1 and INT_MIN%-1 in C4Script
 + Fix sound volume when using OpenAL
 + Comment out assertion on cleaning up script engine after a round
 + Fix an assertion in the network lobby

Switched to git

Posted in Announcements on January 6th, 2013 by Newton – 11 Comments

gitIn case you were wondering why there are no more new commits in our Mercurial repository since November:
As most of our developers were not content with Mercurial, we switched from Mercurial to git as our version control system.

The old Mercurial repository will soon be not available anymore, so make sure to check out the new git repository. PeterW updated our tutorials for building OpenClonk on Windows and explained the git workflow to those who are not familiar with git yet (or generally any distributed version control system).

I also adapted the looks of the OpenClonk git web frontend to fit into the rest of the site, it’s linked in our header. I expect that soon the autobuilds will follow and again be directly linked on the shortlog page.

OpenClonk Release Meeting over

Posted in Development on October 16th, 2012 by Newton – 3 Comments

All important tasks finished!

So the OpenClonk release weekend is over now and I would like to thank everybody who participated for coming to Hamburg. I think it has been quite successful and I hope it was as fun for you all as it was for me! I am looking forward to doing these kind of weekends more often. But next time, with more preparation time.

With over 150 commits on and in preparation to the weekend, we made about as much progress this weekend than the last half a year! And, most importantly, we finally released all the work that has been put into the game since 20 months ago.


release button

We actually used this button to release the game. Sven2 had the honor after winning a round of an OpenClonk version of “One tree”

We were altogether eight people: Clonk-Karl, Clonkonaut, Maikel, Matthias Mortimer, Newton, Sven2 and Zapper.

All of us were super productive and also finally got around to do those works which normally nobody is motivated to do alone.
I want to particularly thank Sven2 & Mortimer who spent almost a day on finding desyncs between mac/linux & windows network games and Clonk-Karl who fired a broadside at old long-standing bugs from the bugtracker.

An overview of the immense count of tasks we finished on the weekend is linked in the forum:

OC release weekend: List of finished and unfinished tasks.




OpenClonk 3.1 update

Posted in Announcements on October 15th, 2012 by Newton – 3 Comments

As predicted by Zapper, there was a blocking bug in the 3.0 release which Clonkonaut found and fixed, so please update to 3.1.

In 3.0 it was impossible to chop down a tree which is quite important for settlement rounds 😉



c’t Software DVD

Posted in Announcements on December 11th, 2011 by Newton – 1 Comment

c’t, a well-known German computer magazine added us to their software DVD for the new issue of Mac & i.

For all those who are able to speak German, you can look it up here, page 166-167 🙂

Mac builds

Posted in Announcements on October 10th, 2011 by Newton – 9 Comments

Oh, and just on a quick note:


Thanks to PeterW and Mortimer, Mac packages are available for the new version, too. The link is modestly standing on the right side of the download page.

OpenClonk 2.1 released

Posted in Announcements on October 10th, 2011 by Newton – 1 Comment

Another update!

In the meantime, the settlement development gathered quite a momentum. Since the release 10 days ago, there have been over hundred commits on the repository! We cherry-picked some of them for this bugfix update.

See below for a short list of changes. Download as usual on the download page, just install over the old installation.

Also, be sure to turn on the “high resolution landscape” in the options if it is not turned on yet! This makes the landscape look much better than in previous versions, though on very old graphics card this may result in artifacts rendered in the landscape, report it here then (you can post as anonymous, no registration required).

Game content
+ Tutorial4: Fixed losing weapons forever (#667)
+ Objects: Stonedoor damage now visible through cracks (#669)
+ Target ballon in tutorial 3 makes popping noise when shot
+ Chest animation fix
+ Drive animation/pose for plane; clonk doesn't swim inside containers
+ Tutorial 4: Fixed item swith when dying (#665)
+ Tutorial 2: Fixed blasting spot under ropeladder
+ Added Iron Bomb, also as a weapon to all scenarios that used to have dynamite bars
+ Footstep sounds for the clonk
+ new sound for the teleglove
+ some refactoring
+ fixed clonk meshes
+ clonk can turn while on grappler rope
+ fixed turn rotation when swinging the grappler to the right
+ clonks rotation again adapted to the rope ladder (#637)
+ Blast sounds different under water (or any liquid)
+ Fixed bow aiming animation during jump

+ CrewMembers are only banned from resurrection during Death callbacks (#532)
+ Engine: Fix possible crash in C4Landscape::InsertDeadMaterial (#666)
+ Fix the build when building against libpng 1.5
+ Fix writing of Record.log
+ Use big landscape tiles when classic shaders are enabled
+ backport network security fix
+ Landscape: Dig2ObjectCollect shouldn't stop other materials from spawning (#678)

Digging towards a release

Posted in Development on September 7th, 2011 by Newton – 7 Comments

It has been more than six months since the last stable of OpenClonk has been released. However, loads of new features, changes and fixes have been implemented ever since.

Now we want to finally release the next stable. Currently we are blasting our way through the last known crashes, bugs and desyncs and will start the playtesting soon.

The new release will contain very little new game content but balancing changes, loads of fixes, new graphics, tons of refactoring (which is only interesting for developers though ;-)) and many new features such as the high resolution shader, antialising, UTF8-support, a new HUD design that scales with the display resolution or more natural blast shapes.