New explosions

Till now, explosions have always been perfectly round circles. I changed this to somewhat more rough and natural looking shapes, still circular but with a lot of random in it. The bigger the explosions, the spikier the shape. Shapes that have been dug free are more smooth, more circle-shaped.

  1. PeterW says:

    Hm, random thought: Could we align those polygons at real material edges somehow? That would be another solution for random pixels remaining…

  2. Newton says:

    I think one could do a lot of cool stuff with the possibility to subtract polygon shapes (that is what it is now) from the landscape. For example, certain materials might be harder to blast through than others which alters the shape of the actual explosion etc. Your idea is also cool, but probably it should “snap to” the actual material edges if the explosion edge is near it, not “be at” those.

  3. PeterW says:

    Well, stricly speaking, right now there’s no reason to use polygons. One could simply generate a number of points, let them snap to edges, and then use a limited pathfinding algorithm between the points. But okay, that might be a bit too much work 🙂

  4. Certain someone says:

    Hmmm. Would it be viable to approximate a circle with N points, randomly move them a bit, raycast lines from center to the point, considering material hardness and stop raycasting once strength of ray reaches 0?

    Subdividing the explosion polygon and making edges more rough could also look nice.

  5. Walloping says:

    who updates the blog, because it would be nice to know when changes are made to the build.

  6. Newton says:

    @Certain someone:
    Yes something like this happens already, only without the calculation of a “ray strength”.

    Changes to what build? If a new stable version comes out, it can normally be seen here. For development builds, see (or

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