OpenClonk 3.3 Update

We got a new stable version for OpenClonk 3. It is a pure bugfix release. Below are the fixes and changes relevant for players and creators.


OpenClonk 3.3 changes
 + map creator: don't crash when using a template within itself (#534)
 + Draw particles with subpixel precision
 + do not pass controls to disabled cursor anymore (i.e. via SetCrewEnabled)
 + Don't crash on Call()
 + Hold a reference to the temporary proplist used in case of script errors
 + update: Log an error message when extracting the update program fails
 + Make dedicated server compile with fmod
 + Script: continue in a do-while loop jumps to test instead of start of loop
 + Fix #including a definition that has local variables with proplists
 + gtk: Make the window fullscreen even when not changing the resolution
 + Fix missing mouse cursor in fullscreen without resolution change
 + Adapted stone door to open for all players if set team == 0
 + Fix walking animation with xdir=0 (#887)
 + Producers: consume required material (#885)
 + Win32: Mark OC "DPI aware" (#891)
 + Abort SimFlight if no more movement can occur (#914)
 + Fix incorrect reloading of animations (#837)
 + Fixed a typo in Tutorial01
 + Fix Call() in global context (required for ScheduleCall)
 + Attached objects with SolidMask (slave elevator case) can carry objects
 + Fix C4Command::Jump, i.e. jumping as part of pathfinder.
 + Fix snow melting in lava/durolava
 + fix material conversion on insertion into converting liquid
 + Fix SolidMasks not moving objects if the top left of the landscape was solid
 + fix typo in catapult script
 + Cleanup main texture map. Remove unused and duplicate entries. Added Earth-earth.
 + Fix crash when INT_MIN/-1 and INT_MIN%-1 in C4Script
 + Fix sound volume when using OpenAL
 + Comment out assertion on cleaning up script engine after a round
 + Fix an assertion in the network lobby
  1. Maddino says:

    yeah a new version 🙂

    nice work, go OC go!

  2. Sven2 says:

    Well, it’s a pretty small bugfix release for which we selected only critical patches. We actually have quite a bit of new content to be released for the next major version (see OC Blog for some scenarios).

  3. Newton says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s small. These are just the changes relevant for players and developers. It’s quite impressive that all these bugfixes were made “along the way” while most active devs were already working on a feature release.

  4. Rus says:

    For IOS please!!!!!!!!!! this game should be on the iphone!!!!!!

  5. MCMic says:

    This is the first release that does not crash on my computer.
    Each time I tested OpenClonk before the game would crash before I could finish the first tutorial.
    I was finally able to test the game 🙂

    So, thank you for these bugfixes and good job!
    I like the game so far.

  6. Mark says:

    I was looking for co-op games similiar to Terraria and just discovered Open Clonk. Wonderful little game!
    I realize it’s only in its early stages, but I thought I’d share some suggestions anyway.

    What I’d like to see: (all relates to increasing the difficulty/realism)
    -Fall damage (to increase difficulty and force you to use stuff like ladders and ropes),
    -Lower jump-height (Again makes ropes and stuff even more important, and also enforces co-op play!)
    -More gadgets related to the above difficulty increases such as safety ropes alike those mountain climbers has (similiar to the dynamite five pack already in the game, but merely as safety ropes!)
    -Increased fire damage (lava is a bit too nice right now :P)

    I love it already, keep it up, I’ll make sure all my friends learn about the game so I have somebody to co-op with!

  7. Zapper says:

    > -Increased fire damage (lava is a bit too nice right now 😛 )

    Mh, shouldn’t the lava slowly burn you to death after leaving it?

  8. Sven2 says:

    If you’ve been in lava for too long, you will burn to death.

    I must say I’m not all that happy with the way fire works at the moment. In my opinion, you should take very high damage while you’re in lava. But if you manage to get out before you’re dead, you should always extinguish after a short while.

  9. Anon says:

    no MAC release so far?

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