Digging towards a release

It has been more than six months since the last stable of OpenClonk has been released. However, loads of new features, changes and fixes have been implemented ever since.

Now we want to finally release the next stable. Currently we are blasting our way through the last known crashes, bugs and desyncs and will start the playtesting soon.

The new release will contain very little new game content but balancing changes, loads of fixes, new graphics, tons of refactoring (which is only interesting for developers though ;-)) and many new features such as the high resolution shader, antialising, UTF8-support, a new HUD design that scales with the display resolution or more natural blast shapes.

  1. jiero says:


    Just let you know, there are players have been watching and waiting for long 😀

  2. Taroyoma says:

    I hope we can Build some Stuff now:-)

  3. k says:

    any chance of an Android version coming? (wouldn’t mind paying for it either, as long as it stays open source)

  4. Smartass says:

    “The new release will contain very little new game content” Too bad, i dont think we will be able to build something, i am not interested in new graphic Stuff(the Graphic looks good to me!), i want to Build a nice Economical Village like in the Old day

  5. Mimmo says:

    smartass: im not a great fan of changes that are not content related, but consider that now, that a lot of the engine stuff is done, the developers will have more time to create new content 🙂
    also, the hq3x-shader simply looks awesome, all the graphical changes are still nice to have.
    k: i doubt that there will ever be an android-port for OC.

  6. Newton says:

    What is done forms the foundation on which future (content) development will be done. So while there is not much to see and do, I believe those kind of changes, especially things that make the engine more stable and easier to maintain and/or simplify content creation are very necessary and sustainable.

    Now we have different people in the project who different kind of things, engine coders, content/level designers and scripters/designers. Ultimatively the reason why this update will have not much new game content is that there is a lack of people that venture to do it.

  7. Smartass says:

    21 Days later, when is the new version ready to play(or Test)?, also i hope something Big come

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