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OpenClonk Gaming Night

Posted in Announcements on October 20th, 2012 by Maikel – Be the first to comment

Hello World!

This is your chance to play OpenClonk with the developers, since from now on we will “organize” a regular evening to play OpenClonk rounds via internet. The basic ingredients:

  • Every Sunday evening from roughly 19:00 till 22:00 CEST.
  • Join with a pc which runs the game (current release) smoothly
  • Be present in #openclonk on IRC (euIRC network) or just join running games
  • Do not forget to record (ingame option) and take screen shots
  • Share your feedback with the devs, this is highly appreciated

We’ll play rounds like these

On the first night, which is this Sunday, I will organize things a little and we will mainly play some short arenas/races and will probably end with a nice settlement round. After that the night should become self sustaining and you should see it as a night where you can be sure to find other people playing this wonderful game!

Update: Now that the first night is over, I hope that everyone will also join next Sundays, cause I think we had a lot of fun and also gathered lots of feedback. Soon I will try to gather some material for a small gameplay trailer from these rounds, but more on that later.

So be sure to join next Sunday!

OpenClonk Release Meeting over

Posted in Development on October 16th, 2012 by Newton – 3 Comments

All important tasks finished!

So the OpenClonk release weekend is over now and I would like to thank everybody who participated for coming to Hamburg. I think it has been quite successful and I hope it was as fun for you all as it was for me! I am looking forward to doing these kind of weekends more often. But next time, with more preparation time.

With over 150 commits on and in preparation to the weekend, we made about as much progress this weekend than the last half a year! And, most importantly, we finally released all the work that has been put into the game since 20 months ago.


release button

We actually used this button to release the game. Sven2 had the honor after winning a round of an OpenClonk version of “One tree”

We were altogether eight people: Clonk-Karl, Clonkonaut, Maikel, Matthias Mortimer, Newton, Sven2 and Zapper.

All of us were super productive and also finally got around to do those works which normally nobody is motivated to do alone.
I want to particularly thank Sven2 & Mortimer who spent almost a day on finding desyncs between mac/linux & windows network games and Clonk-Karl who fired a broadside at old long-standing bugs from the bugtracker.

An overview of the immense count of tasks we finished on the weekend is linked in the forum:

OC release weekend: List of finished and unfinished tasks.




OpenClonk 3.1 update

Posted in Announcements on October 15th, 2012 by Newton – 3 Comments

As predicted by Zapper, there was a blocking bug in the 3.0 release which Clonkonaut found and fixed, so please update to 3.1.

In 3.0 it was impossible to chop down a tree which is quite important for settlement rounds 😉



OpenClonk 3.0 released!

Posted in Announcements on October 14th, 2012 by Zapper – Be the first to comment

The next stable version was released today. It contains not all of the possible buildings and features that we aim for, but the current state of the project. And while some things might still not be very polished, everything should be playable.

Beyond the Rocks

The release contains the first few buildings and production lines, which should let you form an opinion about the direction OpenClonk is heading.

The reason for the release was very simple: The last version that had new content is more than one and a half years old and has so many missing features and bugs that you’d always suggest testing the development version to a player.
Oh, and of course to motivate you to participate in the project in any way you want and can.

There have been so many changes since the last release that listing all of them here would be both boring to read and too much work, so here is a short overview:

– new controls (see blog post) [note that the gamepad controls are currently NOT working]
– changed the ingame HUD
– buildings and items related to them were added
– some production lines and energy support were added, also see this blog post
– some more cooperative scenarios were added
– and of course bug fixes and much more 🙂


I suggest you go straight to the downloads-page and try the release yourself. And don’t forget to rant about any bugs you find in either the forums or the bugtracker. 🙂