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OpenClonk 3.2 Update

Posted in Announcements on November 18th, 2012 by Zapper – Be the first to comment

This is a bugfix release for 3.0 that we had planned since shortly after the original release.

I believe that elevator just transported a lorry!

As expected, a release always contains bugs that are only found through massive playtesting by a lot of players – and that was exactly what happened for the last weeks (see also OpenClonk gaming night).

Among the fixes can be found:

  • you cannot get stuck in sand or snow anymore when digging with a shovel
  • the elevator can now properly transport lorries or trees
  • the stone doors in Hideout and the CTF flag-capturing work now
  • fixed one synchronisation-loss issue when playing successive rounds without restarting OpenClonk
  • the coniferous tree now has a nicer texture and the nightly sky is a lot more appealing now 🙂

(Full changelog here!)

..and of course a lot more. But note that this is a bugfix release which does not bring you new features, but improves the old features – and if there are new features in this release, it is because they solve problems with the last release 🙂

And as always: if you find bugs or have suggestions, feel free to put them into our bugtracker or forum.

See you ingame!