OpenClonk Gaming Night

Hello World!

This is your chance to play OpenClonk with the developers, since from now on we will “organize” a regular evening to play OpenClonk rounds via internet. The basic ingredients:

  • Every Sunday evening from roughly 19:00 till 22:00 CEST.
  • Join with a pc which runs the game (current release) smoothly
  • Be present in #openclonk on IRC (euIRC network) or just join running games
  • Do not forget to record (ingame option) and take screen shots
  • Share your feedback with the devs, this is highly appreciated

We’ll play rounds like these

On the first night, which is this Sunday, I will organize things a little and we will mainly play some short arenas/races and will probably end with a nice settlement round. After that the night should become self sustaining and you should see it as a night where you can be sure to find other people playing this wonderful game!

Update: Now that the first night is over, I hope that everyone will also join next Sundays, cause I think we had a lot of fun and also gathered lots of feedback. Soon I will try to gather some material for a small gameplay trailer from these rounds, but more on that later.

So be sure to join next Sunday!

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