Mega Screenshot Teaser

OpenClonk finally has functional screenshots again for the whole map, thanks to JCeasar and Sven2! One can make these screenshots in game in the chat mode (Return) by typing:

/screenshot X

where X can be any real number and determines the zoom level at which the screenshot can be taken. It is advisable to keep X between 0.1 and 10. This new feature can very well be used to view full landscapes and here is a teaser for a new World yet to come.

A full screenshot for a new scenario "Spiral" which is yet to come.

A full screenshot for a new scenario “Spiral” which is yet to come.

However, a lot of new settlement scenarios can already be played in the snapshots, among them Gem Grabbers where you need to collect gems from a series of sky islands. But there is many more to be discovered, so be sure to check the snapshots or stay tuned for the next release!

Grab gems from sky islands.

Grab gems from sky islands.

  1. Andriel says:

    The Gem Grabbers screenshot is like: “This will go terribly wrong!”. The airship will probably burn. And someone forgot to take the teraflints out of the lorry. Cool shot though.
    And Spiral looks … hardcore.

  2. kvothe1990 says:


  3. Nachtfalter says:

    Cool! Question: Screenshots in CR always took ages to save. Is there any chance this issue can solved?

  4. Sven2 says:

    @Nachtfalter: Of course there is! The screenshot saving code is horribly inefficient and could be optimized easily by passing pointers to the image to the gamma application and png saving function rather than looping over the image pixel by pixel.

    If you want to write a patch to optimize this, please go ahead.

  5. Newton says:

    Nachtfalter is probably not the right one to ask about to supply a patch in C++. Though, you, Nachtfalter could post a feature request in the bugtracker and Sven would supply some implementation details.

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