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Unified login on

Posted in Announcements on November 11th, 2013 by Newton – Be the first to comment

So, are you one of those gifted people who can remember all your different registration details from the shareware Clonk community? You know, one login for the German Clonk Forum, one for the English one, one for the League, one for the Bugtracker, one for the CCAN, the Clonk Forge, the Clonk-Center, the Clonk Wiki, the the the… ??!

Well, possibly thousands of forgot-password-mails later, we put this madness to an end! 😉

From now on, you only need to register once in the forum and you will automatically have an account on everything OpenClonk related with the same login credentials. Currently this includes the bugtracker, the blog if you are a developer, the wiki and soon the upcoming league.

Also note that the website has been reworked: We got a new clearer navigation and header now, the download section and the development snapshots page have been redesigned.