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Mape Map Editor available for OpenClonk

Posted in Announcements on January 26th, 2013 by Clonk-Karl – 4 Comments
Screenshot of Mape

Screenhot of Mape showing the map of Krakatoa

Developers from Clonk Rage might remember Mape, an editor for dynamic landscapes described by a Landscape.txt file. The editor shows a live preview of the generated map while editing the Landscape.txt code, so that the engine does not need to be started to see the generated map.

Mape has been refurbished to work with OpenClonk, and it has been integrated into the OpenClonk source code, so that it is now officially part of OpenClonk. On the Development Snapshots page the current version can be downloaded including all dependencies for the Windows builds such that it runs straight out of the box. There is also a wiki page available which describes it in more detail.

Happy Mapping 🙂