Crash landing!

Crash landing! - Intro sequence

You escape on emergency boompacks, just as the plane is crashing into the mountains.

After some of the basic settlement concepts have been ironed out, we noticed just playing Gold Mine all day got a bit boring. So we decided to create our first real, challenging settlement scenario. It’s called Crash Landing, and it features some adventure-ish elements and an intro!

Our heroes are taking an airplane flight over the local volcanoes, when suddenly things get ugly and the plane starts tumbling towards the volcano. Fortunately, all Clonks are able to escape safely using emergency Boompacks that every plane in Clonk has to carry.

Now the Clonks sit on one side of the volcano. The plane is on the other. How will they get it back? A tough challenge awaits them, as the local population is not too eager to give away their secrets…

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many interesting elements to build yet, so we had to improvise a bit and make do with unfinished objects. Still we already have the foundry and tools workshop production chains, water barrels, loam, some vehicles, loam and earth constructions as well as an unfinished pump. This should be enough to create a little challenge 🙂

Crash landing! - Village

The local village population offers us a deal we cannot refuse.

Crash landing! - Cliff

From the cliff, you can almost see the airplane. Now how do you get there?

  1. someone says:

    The Game crashes when you start the scenario.

  2. Clonk-Karl says:

    Did you try with the latest engine (development snapshot)? Bug #726 caused such a crash but has been fixed recently.

  3. someone says:

    Yes I tried the latest version for windows(64 bit) and linux(64 bit). The windows error message:

    Assertion failed!
    Program: C:\Users\Someone\Desktop\OpenClonk\clonk.exe
    /home/buildslave/build/openclonk/default/repository/src/game/object/C4MeshAnimation.cpp Line 134

    Expression: (End >= Begin && Value >= Begin) || (End <= Begin && Value <= Begin)

    Only this map is not working.

  4. Clonk-Karl says:

    Should work now with the latest revision (development snapshots available in a few minutes) — thanks for reporting the problem!

  5. OanMkvenner says:

    The moment the first clonk starts speaking (2-3 Words from the speachbubble appear) i get CTD with

    Assertion failed!

    Program: D:\… …\clonk.exe
    /home/buildslave/build/openclonk/default/repository/src/platform/StdFont.cpp, Line 409


    as Error.
    I CAN however skip this part by tabbing out during loading screen and tabbing in after the event happened. So it has something to do with displaying the content i guess?
    I also had this Error on a earlier build right after i pressed “ignore” for the Error the person above mentioned 😉
    so far Cheerio – OanMkvenner

  6. Clonk-Karl says:

    Hm, maybe it’s because of some umlaut (have seen some similar crash before). I might have a look later, but you can try switching to English in the meanwhile and see whether this makes it work.

  7. OanMkvenner says:

    ah thanks, i didnt even knew i could switch the Language xD (jeah im German but im an english Gamer ;D)
    switching to english indeed solves it.
    Well this just leaves the little angeling problem of the Rocket of your clonk: It sometimes hits the front of the island, throwing your clonk into the lava – not a good start for a Scenario – especially because it burns the plant when getting out of the lava..

  8. Maikel says:

    That’s true indeed, we need to implement some rocket KI to prevent that, or make it less random. In the mean time just restart until you get at a decent location.

  9. Clonkonaut says:

    Fixed random seed!!1

  10. Clonk-Karl says:

    The crash with German umlauts has now been fixed as well.

  11. Zapper says:

    >Well this just leaves the little angeling problem of the Rocket of your clonk: It sometimes hits the front of the island, throwing your clonk into the lava

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