The Guardians of Windmills

Presenting a new scenario for OpenClonk. The “guardian of windmills”, this is you, has to protect the windmills from the evil windmill-eating rockets which come flying towards your little sky isle from all directions.

The scenario is pretty much a simple cooperative survival shoot-em-up for testing the bow and the musket. Those two weapons recently got some cool sound effects from Checkmatey, a modder from the game Mount&Blade. In this scenario, you got unlimited ammunition, so shoot the hell out of those evil rockets!

The screenshots show a network game round with 5 players.

The next attack wave is approaching...

Shooting down the rockets

The "boss"

  1. B_E says:

    Wow, looks great, I can’t wait to try it out 😉

  2. maxpower says:

    You should subscribe for so that people will notice you to get more devs.

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