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Nightly Builds 2.0

Posted in Announcements on April 24th, 2010 by Clonk-Karl – 1 Comment

Our Nightly Builds have recently gotten quite some overhaul. We now support builds for multiple architectures and with multiple compilers. In addition to 32 bit Windows builds we added 64 bit Windows builds built with both MinGW and MSVC (courtesy of Isilkor). Build status is now not only green (build worked) or red (build failed) but can also be some color in between indicating the number of warnings the build generated. Maybe this can motivate developers to get the build on their platform as green as possible? 🙂

It required some puzzling to set up the cross-compilation environment for 64-bit MinGW: Debian’s gcc-mingw32 package comes with a 64-bit C compiler, but does not include a C++ compiler (Debian bug). So I tried to compile the MinGW compiler myself I was not able to get working though. Instead I did what the reporter of the bug mentioned above suggested: I apt-get source‘d the gcc-mingw32 package, enabled C++ support in debian/rules and rebuilt the package, which worked nicely. Most OpenClonk dependencies offer 64bit binaries, others are available via the GNOME project. Only fmod and d3dx9 were problematic since they did not provide a 64 bit import library. However I was able to create corresponding import libraries from the DLLs with MinGW’s gendef and dlltool tools. I still wonder a bit why import libraries are needed at all if all information is available in the DLL anyway – I was thinking import libraries carry information that is not in the DLL and that’s why they are required for linking.

Loose plans for the future are to provide builds for other platforms such as Linux (maybe even as .rpms and/or .debs) and to provide the Windows development snapshots as an installer.