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OpenClonk homepage server moved

Posted in Development on March 23rd, 2018 by Zapper – Be the first to comment

During the last week, the OpenClonk homepage moved to another server. Nearly everything should be working again – only the master server, that shows you all the running online games, still has some problems. Creating and joining online games is possible, but the web interface won’t show these games., now with a green padlock!

This move does not only finally give us HTTPS support for the homepage, but is also done in preparation for the new mod database for user-created content!

We hope that the master server will be fully functional again in a few days!

Design Contest: Mining

Posted in Contests on November 14th, 2016 by Zapper – Be the first to comment

A new design contest has started! The topic of the contest is “Mining” and submissions will be accepted until Christmas.

Mining is fun.

The competition is organized by Fulgen and is open for entries from both Clonk Rage and OpenClonk. If you don’t know how to build a scenario yet, try out the new editor available in the latest development snapshots! If you have an idea but don’t know how to build it, feel free to ask in our help board.

Here are the rules (translated from the announcement the clonkspot forum in German):

The topic of the contest is: mining


  • Both scenarios (i.e. maps) and objects will be accepted.
  • For scenarios, the difficulty should be medium (e.g. no bugs should need to be exploited).
    • Optionally, the difficulty can increase with the amount of players.
  • Submissions should have a description and title image.
    • If possible, it should be both in English and German.
  • For objects, both meshes and sprites are allowed.
  • Scripts should be free of errors.
  • Submissions are allowed for both OpenClonk and Clonk Rage.

Evaluation (scenarios):

  • Fun: is the map fun?
  • Idea: how does the map stand out from others?
  • Multiplayer: is the map suited for multiplayer gameplay?
  • Script: is the script error-free or are there bugs that affect the gameplay?

Evaluation (objects):

  • Utility: is there a sensible application for the object? Does it use/add mechanisms that are fun? Is it easy to use (e.g. not having a myriad of menus)?
  • Script: is the script error-free?
  • Visuals: does the look match the object?


The contests starts on Nov. 07th 2016 and submissions will be accepted until around Dec. 24th 2016. There is no limit to the number of submissions per participant.

Submissions should be posted as a new thread in the clonkspot board “contest submissions” (note that you need a clonkspot forums account to access the board) with a description in the post and the object or scenario as an attachment.


Posted in Development on February 22nd, 2016 by Zapper – 2 Comments

In the last release a few new animals have seen the light of day, also somewhat due to the the Milestone Project. There are some old, familiar animals that were re-imagined for OpenClonk and some animals completely new to the world of Clonk. I will start with the ones that old Clonk veterans will surely know.

Wipfs: 1995 vs 2015

The Wipf

The Wipf is a very iconic necessity for a Clonk title and it was a pitty that we had to do without it for a few years. But, hooray, those sad days are over now. The Wipf is mainly known for running and jumping around in the landscape and ruining your mine by digging tunnels straight into the closest lava basin.

The Wipf was first introduced with Clonk A.P.E. in 1995 and had since then been in every Clonk title during the past 20 years.

The Chippie

Chippie: 1999 vs 2015

Known from Hazard in Clonk Planet, the chippie returns to suck your blood while looking surprisingly cute and innocent. Unlike back in the days, where you would find the chippie when looking for equipment in crates, it can be found in eggs in the underground now – similar to how zaps could be found in the earlier Clonk titles.

Chippies will be freed from their eggs either after some time when the egg is not covered with earth or by flinging the egg on the ground – for example by shooting it into the enemy base with a catapult. The chippie will jump at unsuspecting Clonks and suck their blood, slowly draining their life.

Underwater World

Peaceful Squids

The underwater fauna has been extended by a squid (in both peaceful and aggressive versions) and by a new type of piranha. In addition to the new animals, the navigation of the fishes has been slightly tweaked to better handle smaller lakes.

The squids are generally just peaceful and curious creatures that love to follow and inspect other things and creatures. Shrouding themselves in ink in order to flee when hurt, they are harmless to Clonks.

However, the bright red version of the squid is everything but harmless. Lacking teeth and claws, they will follow Clonks to surround them in a thick cloud of ink which drains the Clonk’s breath pretty fast. Yes, this is physically accurate. I looked it up.

This makes diving pretty dangerous when around red squid as long as you don’t pack extra air.


The following short video shows the two piranha skins and some red squids. The bright red piranhas are a bit smaller and like to hunt in packs while the bigger ones generally hunt alone.


Flies, Fireflies and Zaps


Zaps are back as well! Zaps are small, stingy beings that you should not infuriate. Unlike previous Clonk titles where you would find zap nests buried in earth, they now hang on trees. As you have probably expected, they do not like when you try to chop down their home.

The flies are just decorative little things that love to be around water or corpses – well, who doesn’t!

Even more decorative are the new fireflies. They come out at night to create quite a romantic atmosphere.


Bats and Puka

These are two more new inhabitants of the world of which one had previously never been in a Clonk game.

Bats populate caves and do not like to be disturbed by Clonks. In case you happen to find yourself among bats, be prepared that they will want to defend their territory!

The Puka is an animal without a counterpart in the real world – feeling at home around water, it will generally just lie around sleeping. When it finds itself troubled by a Clonk it has the unique ability to teleport away to a safer location – and I would try not to stand directly next to it when it disappears!


A new particle system

Posted in Development on October 10th, 2013 by Zapper – 2 Comments

Over the last few weeks, I wrote a new particle system for OpenClonk. The main difference for the player is that it should be a lot faster *).
Developers now have a new, finer way of defining the behavior of particles which makes more aesthetical effects possible than what the old particle system could provide. I am excited about what interesting effects the scripters will think of.

image of particle effect

my test particles

The next part of the article is probably only interesting for scripters, since it explains some of the technical details 🙂

Most information from the old Particle.txt is not needed anymore. What remains is the Name and Facet (to define the particle graphics). The other properties of the particles’ behavior are defined directly in script using a proplist. Here is an example of such a proplist:

var particles =
 Size = PV_KeyFrames(0, 0, 0, 100, 1, 750, 1, 1000, 6),
 Alpha = PV_KeyFrames(0, 0, 255, 750, 255, 1000, 0),
 DampingX = 700, DampingY = 700,
 ForceY = PV_KeyFrames(0, 0, 0, 750, 0, 900, -10 * GetGravity()),
 R = 255,
 G = 255,
 B = PV_Linear(255, 0),
 Rotation = PV_Direction(),
 BlitMode = GFX_BLIT_Additive,
 Phase = PV_Step(1, 0, 2),
 Stretch = PV_Speed(2 * 1000, 1000),
 CollisionVertex = 750,
 OnCollision = PC_Bounce()
for (var i = 0; i < 500; ++i)
 var angle = Random(360);
 var speed = RandomX(5, 40);
 CreateParticleEx("Fire", 0, 0, Sin(angle, speed), -Cos(angle, speed), RandomX(5, 1 * 36), particles, nil);

As you might see in the example above, you can animate a lot of the particles’ properties now. For example the size, the color or even the new physics properties like damping or a constant force that is applied to your particles to simulate wind or gravity.
For more information you can have a look at the particle documentation or at the reference for CreateParticleEx.

The old particle system is currently still in place, but you are encouraged to use the new one.

picture of explosions

some of Matthi’s experimental explosions

*) The new particle system renders all of the particles of the same type with a single draw call to the GPU, which should speed up the drawing a lot. Additionally the particle physics are simulated in a thread parallel to the normal game logic (moving objects etc.), which might also yield a few extra FPS.


OpenClonk 3.2 Update

Posted in Announcements on November 18th, 2012 by Zapper – Be the first to comment

This is a bugfix release for 3.0 that we had planned since shortly after the original release.

I believe that elevator just transported a lorry!

As expected, a release always contains bugs that are only found through massive playtesting by a lot of players – and that was exactly what happened for the last weeks (see also OpenClonk gaming night).

Among the fixes can be found:

  • you cannot get stuck in sand or snow anymore when digging with a shovel
  • the elevator can now properly transport lorries or trees
  • the stone doors in Hideout and the CTF flag-capturing work now
  • fixed one synchronisation-loss issue when playing successive rounds without restarting OpenClonk
  • the coniferous tree now has a nicer texture and the nightly sky is a lot more appealing now 🙂

(Full changelog here!)

..and of course a lot more. But note that this is a bugfix release which does not bring you new features, but improves the old features – and if there are new features in this release, it is because they solve problems with the last release 🙂

And as always: if you find bugs or have suggestions, feel free to put them into our bugtracker or forum.

See you ingame!

OpenClonk 3.0 released!

Posted in Announcements on October 14th, 2012 by Zapper – Be the first to comment

The next stable version was released today. It contains not all of the possible buildings and features that we aim for, but the current state of the project. And while some things might still not be very polished, everything should be playable.

Beyond the Rocks

The release contains the first few buildings and production lines, which should let you form an opinion about the direction OpenClonk is heading.

The reason for the release was very simple: The last version that had new content is more than one and a half years old and has so many missing features and bugs that you’d always suggest testing the development version to a player.
Oh, and of course to motivate you to participate in the project in any way you want and can.

There have been so many changes since the last release that listing all of them here would be both boring to read and too much work, so here is a short overview:

– new controls (see blog post) [note that the gamepad controls are currently NOT working]
– changed the ingame HUD
– buildings and items related to them were added
– some production lines and energy support were added, also see this blog post
– some more cooperative scenarios were added
– and of course bug fixes and much more 🙂


I suggest you go straight to the downloads-page and try the release yourself. And don’t forget to rant about any bugs you find in either the forums or the bugtracker. 🙂


Do you have the power?

Posted in Development on February 19th, 2012 by Zapper – 7 Comments

Electricity in Clonk has always meant taking a power producer, for example a windmill, and linking it to a power consumer with a power line.
While that sometimes led to interesting-looking bases that had the appearance of spiderwebs, those electric lines were not much more than a ressource. The player had to place them in a certain way – usually without a lot of playing room.

In OpenClonk we now have the definition of a base: the area covered by your flags.
The approach for the power is now to throw lines out and have consumers/producers in the same base automatically be linked. Producers increase the power balance of your base and consumers reduce it. Power balance above zero is good, power balance below zero not so much and means one consumer has to be turned off.
Sounds pretty straightforward, huh?

The advantage is now that we can use the concept of “weird lines running through your base” for something more interesting than power lines and something the player hopefully has some fun constructing – (because, hey, weird lines running through the landscape are actually pretty cool).


Two wind generators and a workshop

Two wind generators and a workshop