Acid Gold Mine


This is the end screenshot of a failed attempt to conquer the new round Acid Gold Mine, included in the upcoming release. The goal is very easy: Mine gold equal to the value of 225 clunkers,… if it weren’t for the active volcano beneath and the constant heavy acid rain from above… Ah, did I mention the explosive meteorite showers?

During the release tests, it turned out that it became hellishly difficult because of the introduction of a highly explosive material: Firestone veins (red in the screenshots). If there is an explosion nearby, these might become unstable and explode in a chain reaction. The scenario has been defused a bit for the upcoming release.

Gameplaywise, the firestone material replaces sulphur and aims to make settlement rounds more… explosive! 🙂

  1. Sven2 says:

    I like to add that this was the fifth attempt and we had almost made it! We just got greedy because we were so close to the gold so we forgot to reinforce ceiling with wall kits for a short while.

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