Scaffold construction in Skylands

Scaffold construction in Skylands

Sky island scenarios have always been among my favorites in the classic Clonk series because of both the freedom and the challenge they offer to the players. Now that basic settlement got a bit boring, it’s time for OpenClonk to get its first cooperative aerial scenario. In this scenario, you need to collect five parts of an airplane spread out among several of the distant sky islands and bring them back to the construction site.

That will be a tough challenge though, as a new feature has been added for this map. It’s storming and the storm is certainly strong enough to blow poor Clonks off the islands if they aren’t careful!

Wind is simulated to flow around obstacles, so it can be blocked with wooden constructions (see screenshots). But be careful not to block the windmill, or your buildings will be out of power. Also, the more you block the wind off, the stronger it will blow above and below your obstacle.

Those who are daring to try out the alpha version can checkout the current development branch and find Skylands in the experimental scenario folder.

  1. Newton says:

    Is that rain?

  2. Sven2 says:

    No, it’s “wind particles” which mark the areas where wind converges and is stronger (which basically means that you cannot walk against the wind there).

    One can think of it as rain that just doesn’t leave puddles of course. The graphics aren’t quite ideal yet, but I don’t know how to visualize the wind better.

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