Recently some new structures were added to the settlement content of OpenClonk. Together with the fact that there are no challenging scenarios with dynamic landscapes yet and that a settlement design contest was organized, I decided to create a scenario for this void. Krakatoa is a large and active volcano on which players have to construct and expand their settlement, the goal is to expand the settlement across the whole volcano. Moreover the player has to drain the volcano or find another way to its core, where gold can be found and should be mined.

A typical settlement consists of the usual production buildings for producing the necessary tools and mining explosives. Pumps are needed to drain the ever rising lava inside the volcano. These need a large and continuous power supply, provided by numerous wind mills combined with a steam engine. Opposed to Clonk Rage where the combination of wind mills and the power plant only led to frustration and the loss of all you fuel, in OpenClonk both work very well together and will get you though the annoying calms.

The scenario has been reviewed by our friends from clonkspot in their Let’s Play series, for which many thanks. The scenario can be played after downloading a recent development snapshot.

  1. Puck says:


  2. Maikel says:

    Ja das stimmt, aber das mit dem auszoomen wird noch eingeschrankt durch Schatten und Lichtquellen, an dem im Moment gearbeitet wird.

    For the English people: The problem with zooming out and seeying everything will be tackled by implementing shadows and lightsources, such that only areas near the clonk will be visible. This should restore the fun of exploring and making unexpected discoveries.

  3. TheBeefiest says:

    Very confusing that this write up is in english, but no link to download this scenario or if it is available in english

  4. Maikel says:

    The scenario is only available in the development snapshots and not yet in the release versions.

  5. Newton says:

    @14:00: Suddenly I had to think of the easter island… 😉

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