Settlement Development

After a relative silence since the 2.1 release, progress on developing settlement content has increased on the recent openclonk meeting. The first multiplayer settlement rounds have been played successfully. The landscape of Gold Rush, known in CR as the classical Gold Mine, looks like this after completing the goal:

A network round of Gold Rush

The gold, located at the bottom, has been mined with dynamite and transported with a lorry. It can be sold at the flag, or processed at the foundry into gold bars which are more valuable. The foundry can also produce metal, which is very useful in Iron Peak, a scenario with lots of iron ore. The foundry at work in Iron Peak:

The foundry at work in Iron Peak

On this screenshot we also see the tool workshop, where items can be produced, and the sawmill:

The biggest changes are however not content related, but on content and production menus. Although the recently implemented drag&drop menus are not finished and may not even be the final implementation, they are a big improvement over the old menus. They are the reason that settlement may go into the direction of fun rather than frustration. The content menu is shown in the next screenshot:

With the content menu (open with E) the player can exchange contents between all containers behind the clonk, either by clicking the item or by dragging the item. Since the development snapshots are currently broken, this can only be tested if one is able to use our repository. But do feel free to share your opinion here or in the forum and stay tuned for more!

  1. Taroyoma says:

    Wow nice i am really Happy to see you guyz working on Settlement, i love this stuff, i will try to make some Promotion
    keep up the good Work:)

  2. Saruman says:

    Maybe the black triangles in red color (his plr color)?

  3. Min says:

    Wow! Great work 🙂

  4. Zapper says:

    >>Maybe the black triangles in red color (his plr color)?

    The triangles indicate the area of your base (around your flag) – the color is slightly wrong there, though 🙂

  5. cube says:

    These building graphics are really amazing.
    I am really looking forward to the release!

  6. LordD says:

    very nice:)

  7. Mercurio says:

    If you get this out to a famous LPer on Youtube, you might have to prepare your servers for maximum overdrive.

  8. LJFHutch says:

    Fantastic news, I look forward to the release 🙂

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