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Mac builds

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Oh, and just on a quick note:


Thanks to PeterW and Mortimer, Mac packages are available for the new version, too. The link is modestly standing on the right side of the download page.

OpenClonk 2.1 released

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Another update!

In the meantime, the settlement development gathered quite a momentum. Since the release 10 days ago, there have been over hundred commits on the repository! We cherry-picked some of them for this bugfix update.

See below for a short list of changes. Download as usual on the download page, just install over the old installation.

Also, be sure to turn on the “high resolution landscape” in the options if it is not turned on yet! This makes the landscape look much better than in previous versions, though on very old graphics card this may result in artifacts rendered in the landscape, report it here then (you can post as anonymous, no registration required).

Game content
+ Tutorial4: Fixed losing weapons forever (#667)
+ Objects: Stonedoor damage now visible through cracks (#669)
+ Target ballon in tutorial 3 makes popping noise when shot
+ Chest animation fix
+ Drive animation/pose for plane; clonk doesn't swim inside containers
+ Tutorial 4: Fixed item swith when dying (#665)
+ Tutorial 2: Fixed blasting spot under ropeladder
+ Added Iron Bomb, also as a weapon to all scenarios that used to have dynamite bars
+ Footstep sounds for the clonk
+ new sound for the teleglove
+ some refactoring
+ fixed clonk meshes
+ clonk can turn while on grappler rope
+ fixed turn rotation when swinging the grappler to the right
+ clonks rotation again adapted to the rope ladder (#637)
+ Blast sounds different under water (or any liquid)
+ Fixed bow aiming animation during jump

+ CrewMembers are only banned from resurrection during Death callbacks (#532)
+ Engine: Fix possible crash in C4Landscape::InsertDeadMaterial (#666)
+ Fix the build when building against libpng 1.5
+ Fix writing of Record.log
+ Use big landscape tiles when classic shaders are enabled
+ backport network security fix
+ Landscape: Dig2ObjectCollect shouldn't stop other materials from spawning (#678)