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Changes in version 1.1.3

Posted in Announcements on December 28th, 2010 by Newton – 3 Comments

This weekend, we fired out a big new update. It solves many of the problems that were reported in the bugtracker and otherwise includes minor improvements and balancing. Below is the list of changes.

Windows users will have to download and reinstall the new version from the download page. Linux users can use the built-in update function.

! fixed random sky color (#317)
* default control rate is now 3 in network games
! fixed fused dynamite hits clonks
+ artwork for OC installer
* script: FindConstructionSite return 0 when the search fails
! clonk doesn’t continue burning after death (#222)
* update XPM icon from CZ to OC
* changed default IRC channel for clonk client to #openclonk
! fixed possible crash in C4GUI::Container::ClearChildren()
* runtime join off by default because it does not work currently
! opaque submeshes are rendered before non-opaque ones
– removed FIGHT procedure and all related stuff
! win64: Fix crash when a C4String gets allocated at >4GB

Game mechanics
! cannon can’t shoot when turning around (#512)
! rope of grappler is not disconnected too early anymore
* continue to aim with musket after musket has been reloaded (#508)
* press on [Q] now opens the backpack menu even if another menu was open before (#515)
! fixed nullpointer exception on death of clonk that is in no crew
! javelin exits clonk on throw in right height now
! clonk can’t jump out of solid rock
! fixed typo and some “code never reached” warnings from C4DT
– removed the display of (A) and (B) hands in the HUD
+ new texture for the target balloon in the tutorials
! fixed zooming with gamepad (#536)
! fixed error causing variable declaration

Game content & Balancing
+ added missing German string in tutorial 3
* King of the Hill: only king gets a big malus for suicide (#520)
+ King of the Hill: goal now announces new king on the death of old king
+ King of the Hill: open weapon menu on game start now
+ Parkours: give a more informative goal short description (#547)
! Boomshire: various fixes
* Hideout: various map improvements and balancing adjustments, kill logs, adjustments to the magic gems
+ kill logs added to all melees
* CTF – flag: now attached to flag base, grabbed automatically and has a visual trail
* Frozen Fortress: frost bolt now only damages clonks
* sword damage lowered by 1 per hit
* changed mushroom mass to 6
* loam bridge length increased by one third
+ replaced lava texture with one that looks more liquid
+ added shield walking animation
! fix sword texture for Molten Monarch
* changed walking cycle of clonk to look less “chicken-legged”