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OpenClonk Gameplay Videos

Posted in Announcements on November 26th, 2010 by MimmoO – 4 Comments

Here are two OpenClonk gameplay videos.
The first one is a new scenario I made. The goal of this map is to capture the enemy flag and bring it into your own base. It is a snowy map, which contains most of the weapons, useful stuff and three scroll-bound spells.
The second one is a video by Ringwaul, which shows some of the scenarios and objects we have.

Thanks to Spell, who helped me a lot with the making and editing the videos.


Team Snowbreakers (right): MimmoO & Spell
Team Icecrackers (left): Phoenix & Maikel

Scenarios in the upcoming release

Posted in Development on November 21st, 2010 by Newton – 1 Comment

Earlier I wrote something about the new features introduced in Clonk by the OpenClonk project. However, what about the actual game content? What about playable scenarios?

Except for the tutorial rounds (which are worth a separate blog post) all scenarios in our first milestone OpenClonk – Back to the Rocks are meant for the multiplayer game – cooperative, in teams or everyone for himself. Here is a full list of the scenarios which will be included in the back to the rocks release:

Shiver Peak
– Classic race to the top of a snowy mountain, using loam bridges and explosives. Can be played alone, in teams or everyone for himself.

The Guardians of Windmills
– A cooperative Shoot’em up where you must defend your sky island against approaching waves of evil rockets.

The Guardians of Windmills

Kamikaze Cowboys
– Crazy race where you ride on makeshift rockets to reach the goal. Can also be played alone.

Kamikaze Cowboys

Cool Cavern

– Cool race where you have to reach the top of a chasm using grapples, rope ladders and more. Can be played alone, in teams or everyone for himself.

Bristle Ridge
– A fast-paced race along several narrow ridges.

The Cauldron
– A small arena-like melee for 2+ players

Rock Bottom

– An even smaller arena on the bottom of a dry well.

– A small arena up high in the clouds which contains various spells.

Mountain Melee
– A large arena map.

King of the Pyramid
– King of the Hill scenario in which all players except the king fight against the king and the other way round.

– A cooperative race for two players.

– A capture the flag scenario for two teams.