O Canada

Around the start of July, Clonk-Karl and I were able to meet in person in the country I call home: Canada. Since I am currently the only developer living on the western half of the planet, it was a fortunate event that we were able to meet at all. But as luck would have it, his destination wasn’t too far off from my hometown.

During the visit, we played a few rounds of OpenClonk (and found a few dozen bugs), a few rounds of Clonk Rage (of which were melees, on average I lost miserably :] ), and even had a trek up one of our famous British Columbian mountains with another friend, Andrew (numbers is always better against wild animals). This was one smashing adventure… before we even got to the mountain I almost stepped on a snake. After hiking up a fairly steep trail, we were spotted by a black bear that had the civility to run away, which we found would be a good idea as well.

Andrew on the left, Clonk-Karl on the right, and my quirky self in the middle

And possibly the most talked about part of the meeting: Doppelkeks. Well, at least by us Canadians. These little cakes taste damn good. And they don’t sell them in Canada.


  1. Nachtschatten says:

    > Since I am currently the only developer living on the western half of the planet
    When I read this, I was actually baffled for a moment. There is no such thing as a “western half” of Earth. For example, I as a European, feel very “western” as well, but rather in terms of culture than of location. Thus, I was like “Huh, what? For sure there are OpenClonk developers here in Europe. Oh wait, he’s referring to the American continent as ‘western’, I get it…” Just a minor thing, though. I guess that was tongue-in-cheek anyway. 🙂

  2. Armor says:

    Well, he should definitely have said \Western Hemisphere\ instead (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Hemisphere).

    Other than that – he is absolutely right. So… sorry, but no matter how \western\ you feel yourself, you (as well as myself) live in eastern hemisphere…


  3. Ringwall says:

    What else could someone mean when they say “half of the planet”? Sheesh.

  4. Nachtschatten says:

    Alright, I learned something new today. Reminds me of http://xkcd.com/753/, though.

  5. Armor says:

    > Reminds me of

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