OpenClonk 7.0 Spotlight – Controls and UI

For a long time now, a new control schematic was under development. Countless testing rounds have left us with a dissatisfaction about the two-handed approach (one item on left mouse, one on right mouse). While there were advantages, the disadvantages were more severe: people tended to not use the second item effectively, sometimes even forget about the selection at all. In the heat of a quick melee scenario it was easy to get confused and a better choice was always to hit the number key of a weapon you wanted to use and do so with the left mouse button. It became apparent that we left a major key (right button) to degenerate into a minor feature. That was unacceptable.

Thus, the new control scheme is a more conservative approach. Just one item is selected at a time. For quick item combinations, there is a quick switch to the last selected item on Q. Also, the mouse wheel will now serve to scroll through your inventory. A natural solution when you have played any other game. Zooming is now done by holding Ctrl and using the mouse wheel. Because zooming is less frequently used, this is no harsh impediment.

Just to clear things up, here are some pictures to fully explain the controls in Open Clonk. Included are even controls that were left unchanged, just for the sake of completeness.

Clonk Controls around WASDCC0 from

You did not check out the new version yet?
Download it here!

  1. Nuel says:

    The controls are way better this way!
    Really love the 7.0 version, and the new graphics in particular! Good job! 🙂

  2. Mastro says:

    I remember that at the start of the openclonk project in the forums I tried to push for not going for the two hand system… it only took several years but it’s nice to see that I was right after all ? anyway congratulations for the new version, it plays much better

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