OpenClonk 6.1 Update

We have released the first bug-fix update for OpenClonk 6. It contains lots of bug fixes and a new fire system, which uses the new particles system to have more realistically looking fires.

Download here

See the Git log for details.


Releasing it took us some time because nobody shares a big excitement to do the maintenance work connected with doing bugfix updates when such exciting stuff as what is currently in our pipeline is waiting to be developed. Finally however, Maikel and Isilkor pushed this through.

For the next release we are working on colored lights based on the new light system, new controls and an improved menu interface and providing more vegetation and animals to add to the atmosphere of the game. Below are some screenshots showing the progress on the colored lights and the new interaction menu.

Colored Lights

Colored lights in an underground setting.

Interaction Menu

The new interaction menu which allows buying items at the flagpole, amongst many other things.

  1. Khoury says:

    Very cool. Keep up the good work and viel SpaB!

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