OpenClonk goes academic!

Researchers from the Delft University of Technology, in The Netherlands, are using OpenClonk for a project on dynamically adapting game interactions (example: rope gun length) to your play style. The first step of this project is to automatically collect anonymous data on how you play OpenClonk. This also involves analyzing data to figure out how players play the game, which is in turn very relevant for OC development. Therefore, they (and also we) need as much players as they can get, to compile big piles of meaningful data. More information regarding the research can be found on this blog or in this forum thread.

The research server is now up and running!

The research server is now up and running!

Interested in participating? The researchers kindly thank you. Just start playing on this server:

Server Name: TU Delft
IP Address:
Game Version: Latest release (5.3.3)

We will keep you posted on more developments about this project.

  1. Sven2 says:

    What happened to this? I don’t see the server any more.

  2. ann says:

    i wonder if the admin of the server should modify its code to provide an checksum wich fits with the actual release version.

    i think alot ppl dont join this server because they afraid of crashing because of the “version difference” warning.

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