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Carry Heavy and Construction Sites

Posted in Development on May 3rd, 2012 by boni – 4 Comments

In the Controls rework, we also revisited the Carry Heavy system to fit in better. Additionally we changed how constructing building works. It’s awesome now. I mean, *awesome*.


The biggest change here is that Carry Heavy Objects don’t require inventory space anymore. You can always pick up a Carry Heavy Object (if you’re not already carryingone), and it’ll be displayed in an extra-slot next to your inventory. On the downside, you can’t use your inventory items while carrying a Carry Heavy Object. You can pick up and drop stuff, but you can’t select them into your hands, as they’re full. Carry Heavy Object can now be dropped via the ActionBar now, and also support the Contents-Menu. This means that they can be put into and taken out of containers.


Construction Sites
A construction site, and the placement of one
Constructing buildings has changed quite a bit. We made it more comfortable and easier, and you’ll never have to stand in front of a construction site and wait till it’s done again!

After selecting a building in the construction menu, you can now place them with the mouse in the vicinity of your Clonk. You can move around while doing so, in case the wanted position is just a bit too far away. Some buildings, like the elevator, can also be flipped during placement. Freedom!

The construction site itself now is displayed as a fancy wireframe-model. At placement, it looks for building material in the clonk, nearby containers and on the ground. To put construction material into site, just use the Contents-Menu or interact with the site. It’s also possible to remove construction sites. Building material will be refunded in that case.

When you’ve put all required materials into the site, the construction starts building itself. No standing there, holding down a mouse button! That’s it!